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Amazon Sidewalk

How to Disable Amazon Sidewalk

Amazon Sidewalk is a low-bandwidth, shared network designed to extend the range and functionality of Amazon smart devices. While the technology offers several benefits, some users may want to opt-out due to privacy concerns or other reasons. In this...

Google Nest Hub setup

How to set up your Google Nest Hub (2nd generation)

Whether you're adding a Nest Hub to an existing Google Home setup or starting from scratch, setup is fairly easy and straightforward thanks to the Google Home app. Below are the steps you need to take to set up...

Press the multi-function button on the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor

How to set up our Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor

The Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor tracks and measures your indoor air quality, and makes it easy to understand what’s in your indoor air. Setup is easy and only takes a few minutes. Here are some helpful tips to...

Amazon Smart Thermostat

How to install your Amazon Smart Thermostat

The Amazon Smart Thermostat is the first officially Amazon-branded thermostat. You can install Amazon Smart Thermostat on your own by following the step-by-step instructions below. If you need any help, you can contact Amazon's 24/7 customer service via phone,...

Amazon SMart Thermostat compatibility checker

Amazon Smart Thermostat compatibility

If you've just purchased your Amazon Smart Thermostat or are thinking of buying one, you'll need to decide whether you're up for doing the installation yourself or hiring a contractor to do the installation for you. Luckily, the installation...

Setup Amazon Alexa Smart Soap Dispenser

How to set up your Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser

The Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser provides a simple and helpful way to improve your handwashing routine and meet the CDC-recommended minimum amount of time. The Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser arrives with a fully charged battery. You won't need to...

Amazon Alexa Live Translation Mode

How to use Amazon Alexa Live Translation Mode

Amazon has annouched the release of a new live translation feautre for all echo devices called Alexa Live Translation Mode. The feature translates speech from multiple languages in real-time, similar to Google's live translation, which also translates live conversations...

Amazon Echo Loop Bluetooth

How to set up your Amazon Echo Loop smart ring

Released in October 2019, the Echo Loop is the first Alexa-enabled smart ring from Amazon. The device allows you to make/take quick calls, and give Alexa commands ony the fly without needing to take out your phone. The Echo...

Alexa Spanish

How to change Alexa’s voice, accent and language

Whether you have an Echo speaker or not, you're likely familiar with the iconic voice of Amazon's virtual assistant, Alexa. Her distinct accent and tone are a staple of the Alexa brand. However, Alexa may sound different depending on...

Alexa multi-room music

How to set up Alexa Multi-Room Music

If you have multiple Amazon Echo speakers in your home, you can play music through all speakers at the same time with Alexa Multi-Room Music. Time needed: 1 minute. Take these steps to set up Multi-Room Music with the Alexa...

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