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Helpful Home Staff

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Illustration of the Amazon Echo Wall Clock. The status LED is lit orange, indicating the clock is in setup mode.

How to set up your Amazon Echo Wall Clock

The Amazon Echo Wall Clock provides a simple and useful way to visualize one or all of your Alexa timers. If you’ve just purchased one, continue reading to learn how to set up your Amazon Echo Wall Clock....

Illustration of the Amazon Smart Oven sitting on top of a counter with a smartphone in the foreground displaying the Bluetooth symbol.

How to set up your Amazon Smart Oven

The Amazon Smart Oven is a convenient 4-in-1 microwave, convection oven, food warmer, and air fryer, designed to help you save time in the kitchen. It includes smart features like voice control and Alexa Annoucements when your food...

Illustration of the top of an Amazon Echo. The action button is highlighted and there is a clock beside it displaying "25 seconds".

How to factory reset your Amazon Echo

If your Amazon Echo is unresponsive or you want to pass it on to someone else, you should reset it. To reset your Amazon Echo, take the following steps. How to factory reset your Amazon Echo: Time needed: 2...

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