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Helpful Home Staff

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Amazon SMart Thermostat compatibility checker

Amazon Smart Thermostat compatibility

If you've just purchased your Amazon Smart Thermostat or are thinking of buying one, you'll need to decide whether you're up for doing the installation yourself or hiring a contractor to do the installation for you. Luckily, the...

Setup Amazon Alexa Smart Soap Dispenser

How to set up your Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser

The Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser provides a simple and helpful way to improve your handwashing routine and meet the CDC-recommended minimum amount of time. The Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser arrives with a fully charged battery. You won't need...

Amazon Alexa Live Translation Mode

How to use Amazon Alexa Live Translation Mode

Amazon has annouched the release of a new live translation feautre for all echo devices called Alexa Live Translation Mode. The feature translates speech from multiple languages in real-time, similar to Google's live translation, which also translates live...

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